How does the sales process work?
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Process for sellers

The process for sellers is divided into several steps. This article will explain step by step the process from the status concept to the status closed or canceled.

At each vehicle file there is a (blue) action button. If you click on this you can see for each status what actions you can do and what action is required to perform to move the vehicle to the next status.


After uploading a vehicle, the file is in concept status. During this status, the vehicle is not yet visible to the CarCollect community. You can edit the vehicle file via the (blue) action button. Here you can add and complete all required information where needed. If all required fields marked with * are filled in, the vehicle file can be reported complete.

Trade (General offer and Remarketing offer)

When the vehicle file is reported complete the file is on the trade status. From this moment on the vehicle can receive bids. It is also possible to invite business relations to bid on the vehicle. When the deal with the customer is done you can mark the vehicle as traded in via the (blue) action button.


When listing a vehicle on the Buy-Now offer, the file advances to award status when reported complete.


When it is reported that the vehicle has been traded in, the vehicle file goes to award status. Here you can award the vehicle to a bidder via the (blue) action button.


When the vehicle has been awarded to a bidder, the file goes to the status of intake. When the customer has turned in the vehicle, this can be indicated via the (blue) action button.


When the vehicle has been reported in, the vehicle file goes to invoicing status. Check if the temporary document number (TDN) has been uploaded.

If this has not been done yet, you can upload the TDN separately via the (blue) action button under 'change vehicle data'. When the TDN has been added the invoice can be uploaded separately.


When the invoice is uploaded in the vehicle file, the file goes to payment status. It is now up to the buyer of the vehicle to make the payment. When payment has been received it can be indicated via the (blue) action button.

Transfer of ownership

When the payment has been confirmed in the vehicle file, the file goes to the transfer of ownership status. The buyer can now clear the vehicle using the temporary document number (TDN) that was uploaded earlier. It is up to the buyer to upload the indemnification in the vehicle file.


When the vehicle is transported the file goes to the closed status.


Here are the vehicles that have been canceled.

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