You can add a vehicle via the plus sign in the menu bar on the left side of the screen. First you will be asked for the license plate number and the mileage. The platform is smart and will complete the information as far as possible, provided it is known in one of the vehicle databases. If you get the message that the license plate is not known, then you can complete the vehicle information yourself. After that you can enter the information step by step. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Make the vehicle file as complete as possible. That way bidders know where they stand and what to expect from the vehicle file.

Some useful tips when listing vehicles:

We've made listing vehicles as easy as possible and you'll be taken through our listing process step by step.

- Fill out data completely and to the best of your ability;

- Take good photos showing the entire vehicle.

- Add important photos showing the benefits of the car.

- Start each car to see if everything is working properly.

- Clearly indicate options with the vehicle. Extra options? Place these in the comment.

- More information is usually the best, think also of maintenance books, etc.

- Check the data carefully, so that everything is correct!

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