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What types of auctions are there?
What types of auctions are there?
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In order to offer maximum trade revenues, CarCollect allows you to participate in different types of auction types. These auction types are divided into three categories: General, Remarketing and Buy-Now. All auction types have one thing in common: the bids are not visible to others, so these are closed auctions.

Auction Types


In the 'General' offer you will find vehicles, mainly from brand dealers, that have yet to be traded in. Did you know that CarCollect has a 1 in 3 success rate? We are proud of that!


Within the 'Remarketing' offer, ex-lease, damage, ex-rental and repossessed vehicles are offered. These vehicles are often readily available and therefore quickly deliverable.


The Buy-Now, or direct buy auction, on CarCollect is mostly used by universal car companies. At Buy-Now you will find vehicles that are in the company's stock. These vehicles are thus immediately available and can be bought directly for that amount. Bidding on these vehicles is also possible. In Buy-Now auctions, both sellers and bidders are anonymous. Once a deal is struck, the contact information of both parties is made visible.

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