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How does the buying process work?
How does the buying process work?
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Process for buyers

The process for buyers is divided into several steps. This article will explain step by step how the process works from bidding to shipping.

At each vehicle file there is a (blue) action button. If you click on this you can see for each status what actions you can do and what action is required to be performed to move the vehicle to the next status.


In the buy offer you can see all vehicles available on CarCollect. Through the filter menu it is possible to see the desired vehicles. It is also possible to save your search. Your placed bids can be seen under "My CarCollect" in the filter menu.

To still help you, we offer you a bid indication and receive feedback when the vehicle is cancelled for you.


When a vehicle is on "intake" status, it means it has been submitted to you. Congratulations! It is now up to the seller to indicate that the vehicle has been turned in.


Once the seller has indicated that the vehicle has been turned in, or if the vehicle is immediately available, the vehicle file goes to invoicing status. It is now up to the seller to upload the invoice in the vehicle file.


Once the seller has uploaded the invoice in the vehicle file you can start paying for the vehicle. This can be done in two ways. Once you have paid the vehicle you can indicate this via the (blue) action button. The seller will then receive a notification to verify the payment.

Transfer of ownership

If the seller has confirmed the payment, the vehicle can be transferd from owner. The temporary document number (TDN) can be found in the vehicle file under the heading 'documents'. The indemnification can then be uploaded in the vehicle file.


Once the vehicle's clearance has been uploaded into the file, the vehicle can be transported. You can easily schedule the transport through CarCollect with a few clicks. Want to pick up the vehicle yourself? Let the seller know when you expect to stop by so you don't miss each other.


Transportation is mandatory with some sellers. This is indicated when placing a bid and in the 'CarCollect tranport' block.


Once the vehicle is transported, the file goes to closed status.

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