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How can I set up search query's?
How can I set up search query's?
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Set up searches

Are you interested in vehicles of a particular make, type, year or mileage? Using the filters on the left in the sales offer, you can display the vehicles you are interested in in a few simple steps. Searches can be saved using the magnifying glass button at the bottom of the filter menu.

My CarCollect

'My CarCollect' gives you access to the vehicles you have marked as favorite or no-interest vehicles. You will also find the vehicles you have bid on, vehicles you have purchased and vehicles you have listed.


The icons to the left of the (blue) action button allow you to mark vehicles as favorite (heart) or not interested (eye with a line through it). Activate one of these icons by clicking on it. The vehicles will appear under favorite vehicles or as no interest vehicles under 'My CarCollect' In the filter menu. The information icon gives you information about the current vehicle status.

New vehicles in your email

Get one email every morning with all the new vehicles that match your favorite search(s)! Watch the video below to find out how it works:

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