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How does the bid coach work?
How does the bid coach work?
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Bid coach

To still give you an idea of how your bid stands in relation to other bids during an auction, you have the option of consulting the bid coach. You can do this by using the bid coach when placing a bid in CarCollect.


The bid coach can only be activated once per vehicle. After this you can no longer bid on that specific vehicle.

What do the different colors mean?

  • If the bullet is green, your bid is in the top 3.

  • If the dot is orange, your bid is in 4th, 5th or 6th place.

  • If the bullet is red, your bid is in place 7 or lower.

  • If the bullet is gray, you have not used a bid indicator.

When you hover your mouse over the bullet in CarCollect, you get an explanation about the bid coach. Want to read more about tips for you as a buyer? Read our buyers blog.

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