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How can I use Scrive for electronic document signing?
How can I use Scrive for electronic document signing?

In this article we explain how users can utilize the Scrive integration in CarCollect to sign digital documents.

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How does Scrive work exactly, and what can Scrive mean for you as a selling party within your valuation? Before you consult Scrive, it is important that the valuation of the relevant vehicle is completed and filled in truthfully.

Step by step

  • As the selling party, ensure that the entire valuation is complete and truthful.

  • Once the valuation is complete and published, it is possible to use the Scrive option.

  • Within the valuation, go to the "documents" section; a new slide will open. Next to "valuation report" there are two symbols in blue. The left symbol represents the Scrive function (click on this).

  • A new window opens with the name: "Sign digitally".

  • In this window, you provide the customer's details such as email, first name, and last name.

  • Once this is filled in, click on confirm. Afterward, an email will be sent to the respective customer containing the complete valuation form of their personal vehicle.

  • The customer receives a personal email, with a link to the respective valuation of their vehicle. It is important that the customer carefully goes through the valuation and checks everything to ensure that all is truthfully filled out regarding the current state of the vehicle.

  • When the entire valuation form is complete and correct, the customer can sign the valuation. This can be done by the customer at the very bottom of the valuation. It is also important that you as the selling party sign the valuation form. This creates an agreement in the area of a correct valuation.

  • When the customer has signed the valuation, the selling party receives an email containing the signed document. When both parties have signed the valuation form, a certificate is created that is added to the valuation form. This certificate includes the personal details of the customer and the selling party, along with the signature confirming that it is a correct valuation form appropriate for the vehicle.

  • The signed valuation form (with certificate) is provided to both parties via email.


It is important that you save the signed valuation form yourself in a secure location, this ensures you do not lose it.

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