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How do I increase my chances of getting bids?
How do I increase my chances of getting bids?
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More likely to get bids

A customer walks into the showroom and wants an appraisal on his/her vehicle. You walk out, take some pictures and upload all the data to CarCollect. The next day you review the bids, you call the customer with a trade-in offer and ... unfortunately, too low an offer. Wondering how to collect higher bids by taking better photos?

Tips for higher bids

  1. Make sure the vehicle is tidy, this makes the vehicle look more attractive

  2. Find a fixed photo location to ensure unity and recognition.

  3. Make sure the photos are of good quality and take photos in landscape (horizontal) format.

  4. Take pictures of special options the vehicle has and mention them

  5. Report all damages you see, hear and smell at the time of appraisal

  6. Use commercial title. In it, list the most interesting options as follows:

  7. Make sure your best photo is from the front left. This is to keep the platform clear.

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