There are several ways to log in to CarCollect; enter an e-mail address and password. If you have forgotten your password, click on forgot password on the login page.

Note: If the password reset email does not appear in your inbox, you may need to add to your permitted email list.

If you cannot log in to CarCollect, try the following troubleshooting steps:

- Make sure your browser is supported by CarCollect.

- If you have multiple email addresses, make sure you are using the email address associated with your CarCollect account.

- If you try to sign in and see the message "You do not have an account," your account may have been deactivated. Read more about deactivated accounts.

- Clear the cache and cookies in your browser and try again.

- Try logging in from another network, such as a cellular network, to see if the problem is network-related. If you can log in from another network, contact your IT department or network administrator to resolve the network issue.

- Enable third-party cookies in your Chrome settings:

o In the top right corner of your Chrome browser, click the three vertical dots.

o Click Settings.

o Click Advanced to expand the section at the bottom, then click Content Settings.

o Click Cookies.

o Make sure that the Block third-party cookies switch is off and that the Allow sites to store and read cookie data switch (recommended) is on.

o Try logging into CarCollect again.

Do you get a red bar with an error message and don't know what to do with it? Make a note of this message so we can help you quickly once you contact us.

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