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Finding a vehicle while buying or selling it on CarCollect has never been easier. With the brand new platforms' general search bar, you can find all the vehicles you are looking for in no time. The platforms' general search bar applies to all pages except the login page and while creating a vehicle dossier.

How do I search for vehicles?

When you are logged into CarCollect on your computer, you will find the search bar at the top left. On the mobile phone, the search bar can be reached via the fourth icon in the navigation at the bottom. You can search on the following vehicle properties:

  • Registration number;

  • VIN number;

  • Make;

  • Model;

  • Model.

How does the general search bar work?

As a buyer and seller you can use the general search bar. The great thing about the new search bar is that you can search for several vehicles in one search. You do this by entering several license plates, for example. The search bar will then look for the right results in both the trade and order environment. While typing the search query, search suggestions appear immediately. On both desktop and mobile phone, you see these below the search bar.

When the search is complete, press 'enter'. You then automatically land on a page where you can view the search results. The search results are based on the closest matches to your search query. The search results are split into the following categories:

  • Results in 'current offer';

  • Results in 'your offer';

  • Results in 'vehicles purchased

  • Results in 'vehicles sold';

  • Results in 'loose vehicles'.

Let's make the search bar even better together

When you search on a vehicle, you will find a feedback section at the bottom of the page. Would you like to join us in making the platforms' search bar even better? Then click on the emoji that best matches the result of your search.

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