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CarCollect 6.5 makes trading even easier. Both as buyer and seller, you now see new tabs per vehicle that give you relevant information. Those tabs give you as a user even more insight into the status of running auctions.

What is new?

You will now see certain tabs per user and per phase in the trading process. As a buyer, you will see different tabs than as a seller. To keep it clear, you can see exactly what you see per user below.

Trade buyers

If you were in the trade section as a buyer, you would have only seen your own bid. In terms of bids, this remains the same. However, if you click on the bottom tab, you will immediately see the status of the vehicle. In other words, if it's in the 'bidding' or 'awarding' phase.

Trade sellers

As a seller, you have always seen all incoming bids. With the top tab, you now immediately see an overview of the auction. For example, the highest bid or the average bid for the vehicle in question. In addition, the second tab shows an overview of all bids. Finally, the bottom tab shows the current status of the trade process (draft, bid or contract).

Order buyers

After the vehicle has been awarded by the seller to a buyer, it moves to the order environment. As a buyer, you will see your final bid on the top tab. In the lower tab you can see, using a timeline, at which stage of the trading process the vehicle is now (registration, invoices, payment, safeguarding or transport).

Order sellers

As a seller, you see all three tabs in the order environment. As in the trade environment, the first tab shows an overview of the auction. At the second tab, you get an overview of all bids. Finally, at the third tab you see a timeline. This shows what stage the vehicle is in now. Based on this, actions can be triggered. For example, the vehicle can be registered in, invoiced, safeguarded or transported.

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