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CarCollect is increasingly being used on mobile phones. Therefore, we have made sure that the mobile use of our platform has become even more user-friendly. With the renewed version of CarCollect, you will experience an even better mobile navigation.

How does the new navigation work?

Finding your way in CarCollect as a buyer or seller has been made easier. At the bottom of your screen, you will find 5 different sections. From left to right, these are the most used services on CarCollect.

Go straight back to your dashboard view all listings in an instant

Wherever you are in the platform, with one click of a button you'll find your dashboard right back. From there, you can go wherever you want again.

CarCollect Main

View all listings in an instant

Would you like to see your buy and sell lists immediately? Then click on the second icon in the navigation bar. Then you can clearly see all the vehicles you want to sell as well as those you want to buy.

CarCollect Main

Quickly upgrade a vehicle

Just got a new car you'd like to tune up? Go straight to creating a vehicle dossier by pressing the third icon and offer your vehicle by following the steps.

CarCollect Main

One-click search

The general search bar runs as a thread through the CarCollect. Are you looking for one or more vehicles? Click on the fourth icon and search, for example, on the vehicle's registration number.

CarCollect Main

Navigate through the platform with the menu

Other functions within the platform can be found by pressing the menu button. Open the navigation menu by pressing the fifth icon and continue your search within CarCollect.

CarCollect Main

Note: generally, the mobile navigation is fixed at the bottom. However, there are certain sections in CarCollect where the mobile navigation is replaced. This happens, for example, in creating a vehicle dossier. Here you will find parts that apply to creating a vehicle dossier instead of the general navigation.

CarCollect Main
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