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Adjustments in creating a vehicle dossier
Adjustments in creating a vehicle dossier
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As a seller, within CarCollect you use the this tool to create a vehicle dossier. To make it even easier we have improved the place where you create a vehicle dossier. For example, certain fields have been moved to other steps and duplicate or irrelevant fields have been removed. In addition, new fields have been added and a completely new step in creating a vehicle dossier can be found. This one is all about your auction ad. Discover what is new in each step.


A number of things have changed in the 'Create environment'. To start with, the 'commercial title', 'destination' and 'offer to group or community' have been moved to step 7. On the other hand, the following information items have been added to step 1:

  • Country of registration;

  • Type of vehicle;

  • First registration;

  • Fuel.

Step 1 – Photos

As you are used to from creating a vehicle dossier, there are some mandatory photos you need to upload. To make your offered vehicle look even more attractive we have added recommendations for additional photos in this step. Nothing is compulsory, but everything is allowed.

Step 2 – Exterior

Step 2 is all about the exterior. Any damages can still be indicated here. As an extra indication, you can now use an emoji to describe the state of the exterior. (Screenshot step 2 emoji)

Step 3 - Tyres and rims

Step 3 'tyres and rims' has pretty much stayed the same. The only thing we have added is the option to indicate an extra set of tyres in the vehicle dossier.

Step 4 – Interior

Just like in step 2 'exterior', you can use an emoji to indicate the condition of the vehicle's interior in step 4 'interior'. This allows buying parties to make an even better assessment of the status of your offered vehicle.

Step 5 – Technical

Also in step 5, you can describe the technical condition of your vehicle with one click on an emoji. In addition, a maintenance option has been added. In addition to a service booklet and instruction booklet, you can now tick digital maintenance. In addition, the following items from step 6 have been added to step 5:

  • MOT date;

  • Maintenance booklet and instruction booklet;

  • Rollable and able to drive.

Step 6 – Other

Two items have been added in step 6. Firstly, you now have the option to enter the registration number in this step. In addition, you can optionally enter the number of seats. On the other hand, you can say goodbye to the following items:

- Mileage and delivery dates;
- Search tags;
- Destination;
- Inspection URL;
- Internal and external comment;
- Document upload.

Step 7 - Publication

Changing the location where the car is currently located is now possible in step 7. Furthermore, a number of fields from other steps have been added to step 7. This allows you to detail the publication of your vehicle.

Please note: while creating a vehicle dossier, you may not see certain changes. This is due to fields linked to certain organisation roles and rights or specific auction types. In addition, the general search bar disappears while creating a vehicle dossier so that you can fully focus on correctly listing your vehicle.

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