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In April 2023, we expanded the activity log and updated the design. Each vehicle dossier has an activity log. This records all changes to the dossier. In short, everything that happens in a vehicle dossier can be found in the activity log.

How does the new activity log work?

With the new version of CarCollect, sellers see a clear list of general actions per commercial dossier. You can open the actions to immediately see exactly what the actions entail. On mobile phone, the extended activity log can be found by going to the detail page of a vehicle. Then go through the menu to the last tap to see the activity log.

Not only has the activity log been improved, but also the search function. (Link to new search bar) This allows you to easily search within all actions.

What happens to previous vehicle dossiers?

For many years, vehicle dossiers have been collected on CarCollect. In the new version of the platform, all those previous actions have been archived. You can find these on the blue button at the top right of the activity log.

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