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As a seller, you can invite trade relations and the CarCollect community to bid on your vehicle. In the old platform, if you wanted to invite 20 relations for 3 vehicles, you had to invite 20 relations manually 3 times. This has changed.

Easier invitations for bidding

We will make things a lot easier for you. Because from now on, we will make suggestions for sellers on who they could possibly invite. These suggestions will be based on data. As a result, the suggestions will be relevant to your offered vehicle. In addition, as a company, you can create your own groups. This allows you to invite an entire group to bid at the touch of a button.

Why has this been updated?

First, we made this change to make it easier for sellers. Second, we make suggestions for groups so sellers get more relevant bids. Thirdly, allows buyers on CarCollect to get more relevant invitations.

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