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Creating a vehicle dossier - Tips and tricks
Creating a vehicle dossier - Tips and tricks
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With CarCollect 6.5 you can use useful tips and tricks while creating a vehicle dossier. We added those kind of tips so that sellers can offer their vehicle as optimized as possible to the CarCollect community.

What's new?

In the old platform it was completely up to you how you presented your offered car. In CarCollect 6.5 you're still in charge. However, we offer you a certain amount of tips and tricks. These tips are based on user data and will help you to optimize your vehicle dossier..

Where do I find tips and tricks?

On the left of your screen, in the navigation bar, you see an icon with a plus sign. By clicking this, you start creating a vehicle dossier. In every step, next to the title a lamp icon can be found on the top of your screen. Click this icon if you want to use the tips and tricks to create your vehicle dossier the right way.

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