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See only vehicles you are interested in? It is possible in CarCollect 6.5. With a smart list based on your search behaviour, vehicles of interest to you are automatically filtered.

How does the smart list work?

As a buyer, you always prefer certain types of vehicles. This is what you search for on CarCollect. Our Smartlist Artificial Intelligence (AI) is designed to capture a user's trading behaviour anonymously. Based on search, viewing, bidding and buying behaviour, it selects cars that are likely to be of interest to you. These vehicles come together in a 'smart list'. This list is continuously expanded. The smart list can then be further refined with filters you can apply yourself. For example, consider the mileage of a vehicle in the smart list.

Where can I find the smart list?

If a buyer has sufficient data, the smart list can be found via the filters on the list page. If there is not (yet) enough data on your search behaviour, you can not yet use the smart list.

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