I do not receive notifications
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CarCollect sends several notifications both in the platform and via email.

I do not get notifications

It may happen that you do not get notifications. This can be due to the following reasons:

  • The notifications are disabled in your profile;

  • The mails are marked as spam in your inbox;

  • The email address provided is incorrect.

Marking CarCollect mail as safe/not spam in Outlook

Make sure you have added the sender as a contact.

If you marked the email as not unwanted, you can add the sender as a contact via the email:

Open the email in your Inbox and click "Add Contact" next to the sender's name.

Also see if the sender has been added to the safe list and not to the blocked sender list at the same time. You can check this through the steps below:

Blocked Senders:

  1. Next to your name, click on the cog icon;

  2. Go to Options;

  3. Under Prevent junk mail click on Safe and blocked senders;

  4. After this click on Blocked senders and select the sender you want to unblock;

  5. Now click Remove from list.

Safe list:

  1. Click on the cog icon and choose Options;

  2. Under Prevent unwanted e-mail click on Safe and blocked senders;

  3. Click Safe Senders;

  4. In the text field, type the email address or domain you always want to receive email from, then click Add to list.

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