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Which notifications will I receive?
Which notifications will I receive?
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At CarCollect we distinguish between standard notifications and extra notifications. Standard notifications cannot be switched off and extra notifications can, but please note that the extra notifications can support your business process.

Depending on your role in the company, you will receive notifications appropriate to the different actions you perform. The notifications are important to provide you with important information when you have performed an action.

You will receive these notifications both in the platform and via email. If you do not receive an e-mail in your mailbox, always check the e-mail address you have provided first.

Which notifications can I turn off?

A number of notifications within CarCollect can be turned off. These notifications are:

  • Start of a new auction

  • Vehicle you have bid on has been cancelled

How do I deactivate the notifications?

Go within your CarCollect environment to 'my profile'. Here you will find the tab 'preferences'. When you click on it, you will see which notifications you currently receive and you can turn them off.

Notifications for new users

When you sign up as a new user on CarCollect, our algorithm does not yet know your preferences as a user. Therefore, especially in the initial phase, you may be invited more often to bid on a vehicle. Over time and after several bids, our algorithm will pick up on your preferences and you will increasingly receive only relevant invitations.

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