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Do I need to conclude a processor agreement with CarCollect?
Do I need to conclude a processor agreement with CarCollect?
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It is true that under the General Data Protection Regulation, parties are obliged in certain cases to enter into a processing agreement. This only applies when they process personal data on behalf of another party.

CarCollect is of the opinion that this does not include the processing of personal data in the context of the user agreement with our customers. When it comes to processing personal data, CarCollect does not work on behalf of the customers and the customers do not work on behalf of CarCollect.

The data that CarCollect receives is processed on the basis of its own responsibility. CarCollect is therefore not a processor, but an independent controller as referred to in the General Data Protection Regulation. We have also included this position in our Privacy Statement. Click here to read it.

This means that you are responsible for the safe and correct processing of personal data and the drafting of your own privacy statement. A processor agreement between us is therefore not applicable.

For more information on the position of the data controller and processor, see the General Data Protection Regulation Manual of the Ministry of Justice and Security.

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