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What kind of auctions are there on CarCollect?
What kind of auctions are there on CarCollect?
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In order to offer maximum trade profits, CarCollect allows you to participate in different types of auctions. It is possible to participate in open auctions, closed auctions, remarketing or you can buy directly through Buy-now.

Buy-Now auction

The Buy-Now on CarCollect is mostly used by universal car companies. Within this auction you have the possibility to offer the vehicle at a direct buy price. Buyers have the option to buy the vehicle for this price directly from you, but can also make a bid for the vehicle. Offering vehicles in Buy-Now is effective when it is readily available, when it is already in your inventory for example.

The advantages of selling on CarCollect

- Bonus per successful sale

- Large & active trading network

- Easy online valuation

- Innovative administration process

- Easily add your own contacts

Closed auction (bid not visible)

The most common auction on CarCollect is the closed auction. The closed auction is mostly used by brand dealers and leasing companies. On the closed auction, companies can offer their commercial vehicles, for which buyers can bid according to value. The closed auction consists of two categories.

- General

In the category 'General' you will find vehicles, mainly from brand dealers, which still need to be traded in. Did you know that CarCollect has a 1 to 3 success rate? We are proud of that!

- Remarketing

Within 'Remarketing' we offer ex-lease, damaged, ex-rental and repossessed vehicles. These vehicles are often immediately available.

Due to the closed auction method, where buyers cannot see what the highest bid is, you get a good idea of the market value of the vehicle.

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